Welcome to White Deer BBQ 

a Southern style barbecue Joint in the heart of Sparta New Jersey


About us

White Deer BBQ is a Southern-style barbecue

oasis in the heart of Sparta, New Jersey. 


White Deer offers an authentic, mouthwatering, and unforgettable barbecue experience for residents and visitors alike.

Located in the back parking lot of the VFW Post 7248,

our lively and welcoming BBQ joint is a community hub for friends, families, and barbecue aficionados.


White Deer BBQ is a must-visit destination for locals and tourists searching for the ultimate barbecue adventure.


At White Deer, we pride ourselves on delivering a traditional Southern-style "Low and Slow" BBQ experience that will tantalize the taste buds of even the most discerning customers.

Our menu features a delectable selection of tender brisket, mouthwatering pulled pork, succulent ribs, and BBQ chicken.


To complement our hearty BBQ offerings, we serve an array of Southern-inspired sides, including savory baked beans,

crispy coleslaw, creamy mac salad, and fluffy cornbread.

Each dish is crafted with care and attention to detail,

ensuring every bite is flavorful and satisfying.


To sweeten the experience, we're delighted to share that Lia, is bringing her baking expertise to our venture. She is famed for her scrumptious crumb cake, pound cake, and other baked goodness.

Her partnership ensures guests can relish a perfect dessert that harmoniously balances our rich and savory barbecue dishes.  


At White Deer, our mission is to create a welcoming, unforgettable "foodie" experience that brings people together and celebrates

the rich flavors of Southern-style barbecue.

With our great location, savory menu offerings, and commitment to exceptional service, White Deer BBQ is a cherished gem in

Sparta, New Jersey.

Pitmaster Chubs

Hi, I'm Carlos "Chubs" Davidson, Co-founder and pitmaster of White Deer BBQ, I bring my love for the western rancher lifestyle and a unique background in financial analysis, investment strategy, and business consulting to the barbecue world. My passion for outdoor living and delicious food has created a barbecue experience that reflects my values and tastes.


My culinary journey started when I was five, cooking my first fried egg. By ten years old, I was baking a homemade birthday cake for my mom, feeling the thrill of creating joy through food. At 15, I was learning how to make pizza dough from scratch at our local pizzeria.  After that, I worked at Pizza Hut and Papa John's seeing how corporations operate.


Growing up on Wyoming cattle ranches, I learned how to cook over an open flame, as we tend cattle under expansive skies, and against the rocky mountains. This wasn't just about survival. It was a celebration of the freedom and simplicity found in nature.


Each fall, we would head up north towards Yellowstone to hunt elk. Camped high in the mountains for a week, we'd fish daily and cook our catch over our fire, adding another layer to my evolving relationship with food.


These experiences stirred my dream of sharing the magic of fire-cooked food with others. From this, White Deer BBQ was born. So, join us, savor our smoked meats, and enjoy a taste of Southern Wyoming barbecue.


While my days are usually consumed by the smoky allure of running our BBQ joint, they've recently been brightened by the newest addition to our family—our one-month-old son, Leo. Now, instead of just perfecting spice rubs and sauces, I'm also mastering diaper changes and midnight feedings. These days, my greatest triumphs happen both over the smoker and over the crib. The scent of smoked meats now competes with baby lotion, and I couldn't be happier about it.


As I continue my daily rituals, from the Johnson Shuffle down to the lake to experimenting with new BBQ techniques, each step is now fueled by the newfound joy and responsibilities of fatherhood. A bout of tennis elbow may have paused my golfing, but nothing slows down my enthusiasm for this new chapter in life.


Here's to a future filled with smoky flavors and baby giggles, as I navigate the rewarding challenges of being a BBQ enthusiast and a new dad.


Amid these personal and professional adventures, I invite you to be part of our growing White Deer BBQ family.  Join us as we continue to explore the delightful world of barbecue, celebrate the warmth of good company, and remain grounded in our love for nature. Here's to more shared meals, stories, and an ever-evolving shared journey. Cheers!