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Hello, fellow BBQ Enthusiasts,


I hope ya'll having a good day and craving some mouthwatering BBQ! Today, I wanted to share the story of my fourth cook with Black Betty, which was quite an eventful day.


The weather forecast called for an overcast sky and a high of 60°F. When I woke up and saw the clouds, I headed to the office since I hadn't been in all week, having spent my time smoking some delicious wings in the sunny weather. I spent the morning catching up on emails, writing proposals, and making calls.


As I stepped out of the office around noon, I noticed the sun had broken through the clouds, so I grabbed a slice of pizza and hurried home to gather my equipment and fire up the smoker.


However, by the time I returned to the plaza, the clouds had again obscured the sun. Undeterred, I decided to head back to my home office and write while keeping an eye on the sky.


As luck would have it, the sun eventually started to break through the clouds, and I couldn't resist the urge to head back down to the plaza and fire up ole Betty. I wasn't sure what to make that day, but with rain in the forecast for the next few days, I knew I had to seize the opportunity to create some mouthwatering food.


On a whim, I decided to smoke some burgers. I had never smoked burgers before, but as a burger lover, I was confident they would turn out great on the smoker. And they did! The patrons raved about the fantastic taste and insisted that I make more in the future.


So, my friends, it was another successful day of BBQ, and this journey has taught me to be open to trying new things. What's next, you ask? Maybe a whole pig! Stay tuned for smoky adventures; until then, keep the fire burning.


Yours in smoke and fire,


Carlos "Chubs" Davidson