Welcome to White Deer BBQ 

a Southern style barbecue Joint in the heart of Sparta New Jersey



Welcome to my blog, where we will embark on a delightful journey through the scrumptious world of barbecue, explore the exciting realm of investing, and discover new adventures with a blend of cooking, beer, and whiskey tasting! As an avid outdoor enthusiast and travel aficionado, I'm thrilled to share my experiences, tips, and stories with you, as we explore the world one bite and sip at a time.  Here at "White Deer", we believe in living life to the fullest, from savoring the smoky, mouthwatering taste of barbecue to exploring the dynamic landscape of investments. 


So, grab your favorite beverage, put on your adventure hat, and join us as we go on a flavorful voyage filled with delectable dishes, unique brews, and whiskeys from around the globe. We'll also be uncovering hidden gems in the great outdoors and sharing our tales of travels far and wide. Together, we'll create memories, expand our horizons, and celebrate the extraordinary experiences that life has to offer. Cheers to our shared passion for great food, wise investments, and boundless adventures!


Just four months ago, I was standing next to my brand-new, 60-inch Lang BBQ smoker, inhaling the rich scent of burning oak. That formidable cooking equipment shipped from Georgia seemed as alien in my New Jersey backyard as a spaceship. But, with the smoke curling from its flue and the delicious aroma of roasting meat wafting through the air, it felt like the start of a thrilling adventure.


The starting point was as humble as it gets - the back alley of the White Deer Liquor Store. Our gatherings were small, with just a handful of barbeque enthusiasts braving the smoke and the sizzle for a taste of slow-cooked perfection. However, the lure of mouthwatering brisket and perfectly smoked ribs soon had the neighborhood abuzz.


The journey to transform my passion into a thriving business was far from smooth. The health inspection and the process of acquiring a business license were lessons in patience and persistence. Yet, despite the long four-month process, the taste of victory was sweeter than any barbeque sauce.


Now, just weeks after our official approval, we have become the go-to spot for catering events across North Jersey, parts of Pennsylvania, and upstate New York, from intimate dinners on boats floating on the serene Lake Mohawk to trick tray events with the Sparta Community Food Pantry with over 300 people. We've made memories at graduation parties and set the scene at Fourth of July firework celebrations, where 60 people watched in awe from the lakeside home of one newest customer. We've even played a small part in creating magic at a beautiful wedding celebration for nearly 100 guests at Camp Sacajawea.


Every event has brought its own unique set of challenges, and with each, we have honed our craft a little more. But the heart of our operation remains the same - a love for barbeque, the joy of sharing good food, and the community that comes together over a meal.


The last four months have been a real rollercoaster ride. Getting our health inspection and business license meant dealing with much red tape. But it was important for setting up our business. We had to be very careful about cleanliness and food safety for the health check, and the paperwork for the business license was a big job. We learned a lot from the experience, even if it was sometimes tricky.


Running a catering business also threw some curveballs our way. From keeping track of our supplies to ensuring we cooked enough food for large events, it tested our planning and problem-solving skills. And when unexpected problems cropped up - like sudden changes in an event's timing or bad weather - we had to think on our feet and be ready to adapt.


And then there's keeping our customers happy. This means cooking tasty food, presenting it well, and delivering top-notch customer service. Every comment or suggestion we got from our customers was a chance to make our service even better. So, even though the past four months have been hard, they've taught us a lot. Now, when I stand by the smoker, the smell of roasting meat in the air, I wouldn't have it any other way.


As we move forward, we have another wonderful chapter unfolding. My wife and I expect our first baby boy in two weeks. Therefore, I might take a little break from our BBQ smoker, "Black Betty." The patter of tiny feet might be the only thing that could pull me away from my beloved smoker, but I know it's for an equally beautiful journey.


So, thank you for being part of my BBQ journey, for every bit of support, for every patron who has trusted us to be part of their special moments, and everyone who has enjoyed our BBQ. I look forward to serving you again when we return with even more passion and expertise. Here's to the future, filled with more smoke, more sizzle, and of course, more finger-licking good barbeque.


Keep the Smoke Rolling,