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Hello BBQ friends!


Father's Day, celebrated worldwide last weekend, is a day of recognition, honor, and gratitude for the men who have shaped us, held us, and helped mold us into the people we are today. As I reflected on this day, my heart was caught in a dance of joy and anticipation, juxtaposed by the memories of abandonment and rejection.


Born into Venezuela's vibrant culture in the late '70s, my early childhood was painted with a rich heritage, life's rhythms, and an unsettling absence. My biological father made choices that led him away from my mother and me. Perhaps he was pursuing his path or didn't comprehend his role's significance. Whatever his reasons, he wasn't a part of my journey.


My story truly began to unfold when my mother and I moved to the United States, where she found love in a man named Bob. I was three when Bob enveloped us into his family, assuming the role of my father in every aspect but biological. With his quiet strength and indomitable work ethic, Bob taught me more about manhood than any textbook could.


Under his tutelage, I imbibed the value of hard work, the art of perseverance, and the satisfaction of creation, fishing, and hunting. These were not just hobbies but survival skills and masculine rituals passed down through generations. Bob was my father, mentor, and superhero.


At sixteen, a time already tumultuous with self-discovery, I stumbled upon a truth that upended my world. I discovered that Bob wasn't my biological father. When he found out that I knew, our warm father-son bond shattered. He distanced himself, casting me into the world, once again without a father.


Despite this, I refuse to see myself as a victim and urge anyone who has faced similar circumstances to do the same. We are survivors, our experiences shaping us but not defining us.


The sting of abandonment and rejection might have scarred my past, but they aren't the hues with which I paint my future. Life, in its beautiful complexity, is a journey of continuous evolution and growth, and I have chosen to learn from my experiences rather than be hindered by them.


Today, I stand on the threshold of an exciting new chapter. My wife is expecting our first child, baby Leo, in less than a month. The anticipation elicits a whirlwind of emotions: joy, excitement, fear, and, most importantly, determination.


Determined not to reiterate the errors of the past, I am resolute in being a present, loving, and nurturing father. I aspire to imbue Leo with the same values of hard work and perseverance that Bob taught me. Above all, I want him to grow up secure, knowing his father loves him unconditionally.


I salute you to all the dads out there doing their best, showing up daily for their children, not being perfect but striving ideally. Your dedication, love, and strength are acknowledged and appreciated.


Come next year, I'll be commemorating my first Father's Day. It's not the cards or gifts I eagerly anticipate but the invaluable opportunity to be a dad, to shape a life, and to love with all my heart. That, for me, encapsulates the essence of Father's Day.